Friday, December 30, 2011

Karen: Shy girl-turned-stunner Three Time Title Holder

In the Philippines where the sun shines brightly, the dreams of its dwellers are also shining bright! One of these dreams is to be known globally in fields like arts, academics, sports and other fields where Filipinos can be outstanding!

In two consecutive years, two beauty queens caught a million eyeballs throughout the world. Ms. Venus Raj who ended up in the top five and eventually bagged the place of the fourth runner up in the pageant. She may have not won the crown but she did win the attention of many with her answer for her question with the phrase 'major, major'. I believed that she was being talked about more than the winners. The following year 2011, another Filipina conquered the stage for the miss universe and making it to the top five, Ms. Shamcey Supsop from General Santos City ended third runner up in the Miss Universe 2011. Like Raj, she also wowed the crowed not only with her wits but also with her 'tsunami walk'!

Every Filipina would dream to represent the country to bring such pride like a little girl born and raised in the fast growing town of Polomolok, Karen Mae P. Bustos.

A Glimpse of her Life!

Family and Personal Life

She is the first born daughter to the couple Rogelio Bustos Sr, a businessman and Miraluna Pialagao Bustos a dedicated teacher and mother. She is the ate of her three siblings. A senior student of San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy of Polomolok, one of the best secondary schools in the town.

(l-r) karen mae, her mom and her sister Jezza

Karen: Shy Girl-turned-Stunner

Are you familiar of a the story of the ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan? Well her story is not that far from that child's tale except that she's not a duck.
Before being so glamorous Karen was the shy type. She has this curly hair and she dresses like a child and no one really notices her presence. Having the thing for fashion and other beauty related things she decided to get her hair done and wear more cool wardrobes.
It was after changing her hair and enhancing her taste for clothes that she rose to be a stunner.

The first pageant!

Having now the looks of a beauty queen in the making, she was handpicked to join the search for their Intramurals. It was her first time joining such pageant. She was patiently trained and whoah, she won the pageant bagging almost all the awards. She was then declared Ms. Intramurals 2010 of SLRAP.

The Prom!

In every high school student, it is customary to their lives to experience the glam of prom. Karen attended the prom with a serpentine gown designed and put into reality by her friend and designer Rogen. She walked into the venue so glamorous that all eyes are on her. Before the party ended, she was declared prom queen together with Jupither Franco as the prom king who also happened to be her partner on the search and won the title with her.

Those two titles are just the start for they [she and her friend, Rogen] will receive an invitation for the Sagalas 2011 of Robinsons Place General Santos City. The concept of the show was Reyne Elena which was fit for the Flores-de-Mayo.

The Sagalas

Rogen designed a gown fit for the occasion. On the day of the ramp, without any bias] she stood out among the 12 ladies vying for the title. At the end of the day she was crowned as Sagalas 2011.

These titles which she won made her even dream bigger and now she dreams of competing for other pageants that would lead her to the realization of her dreams. SQ!